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Rev up your store and products ESD DIGITAL

Capture the attention of your consumers and influence their purchasing decisions at the point of sale. Digital screens open up new design opportunities for retail business spaces, creating an effect of exposure that complements the architecture of the space and attention put into the benefits of the products sold. With visual effects and graphics adapted to the brand, reinforced with the right messages, digital displays solutions can completely transform an ordinary commercial space into an innovative and interactive shopping experience.

Inspire your customers with digital displays solutions:
Give life to the interior and exterior design using ESD DIGITALsolutions
Promote your products, special offers and special events
Create interactive experiences
Provide commercial guidance
Interact with customers with multi-touch displays and applications, helping them explore and shop products

ESD DIGITAL solutions naturally integrate into any interior design style, leaving you free to create a dynamic and interactive space.

The solutions are used in multiple applications such as passive and active retail market. Liabilities include secure signage applications, integrated interior design (ex. Video-wall sites, advertising screens, etc.) and features for internal communication. Active applications include interactive kiosks, directional selling and marketing tools.

The retail market consists mainly in: :
• Large hypermarkets
• Specialised Retailer
• Grocery
• Convenience stores and gas stations

• Video-wall sites
• Interactive Kiosks
• Shelf signage
• Interactive map
• Infotainment
• Internal network advertising and promotion

Retail Benefits:
• UsEasy implementation of new marketing campaigns
• Ability to sell advertising space to suppliers
• Ability to implement cross-marketing campaigns
• Ability to create a stronger connection consumer-brand
• Decreased costs associated with printed materials and other promotional materials
• Cost efficiency of marketing
• Facilitate internal communication with staff
• Greening the commercial space by reducing waste
• Ability to incorporate customer-infotainment systems
• Broadcast messages in emergencies
• Ensuring uniformity of brand and consumer experience in the entire store network
• Instant dissemination of daily promotions, in direct correlation with the stock situation

Custom solutions
ESD DIGITAL will work with you to identify and implement the best solutions for digital dispaly, both in terms of technical configuration, content layout and management, and budgets available.