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Digital display in industrie
The digital signage solutions are an easy and effective transmission of real-time information to large groups of employees. These digital information displays can both help employees monitor their activity and improve the morale and motivation.
Some examples of the use of these solutions:
Show production results:
• update and display real-time information
• useful comparisons with target figures forecasted or prior periods
• Display figures and relevant data
• Display figures and relevant data
• Display units or data made per minute / hour / day / department / team or individual at regular intervals

Production Status:
• display alert messages for any productivity problems
• Registration of any interference in company processes
• displaying each employee's status in real time
• displaying distress or safety
• Display of internal advertisments
• displaying greeting messages for superior performance
• displaying reminders
• display changes as work flows, shifts or operating hours

It turned out that with the installation solutions such as digital signage, the employees have shown a constant level of productivity, increased efficiency and volume of work.
A larger number of screens can be connected in order to look on larger surfaces or in different rooms, even different locations, adapting the content depending on the area of ​​interest.