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From hotels and restaurants, conference centers and casinos, order type digital signage systems is to communicate relevant information to customers, positively impacting their experience. With digital signage solutions offered by ESD DIGITAL, tour operators may offer real-time information, relevant and important to consumers in all the locations (reception, restaurant, leisure spaces, rooms, etc.)
Digital signage solutions benefits for tour opperators::
€ Presentation and providing useful information regarding location;
€ Providing information on various events on location
€ Guidance on location or directional maps
€ Reception and customer information in the reception area
€ Highlighting special offers or other facilities
€ Remind the scheduled events
€ Promoting other services and promotional packages
€ Providing weather information and other updates
€ Integration with billing, providing real-time information (pay and check out)
€ Providing a wide range of TV and radio channels, also other types of presentations or content
€ Allows customers to set the wake up call
€ Facilitate the display of menus and room service orders directly

Using digital signage solutions offer multiple opportunities in customer interaction, optimizes working time of employees , boosts sales, generates cost reduction with printed advertising material, not least, bring added value to customer service.
Some of the benefits of digital display solutions offered by ESD DIGITALfor restaurants:
€ Menus display that can offer various options throughout the day, which can be adapted in real time
€ Provides nutritional information for products served
€ Ability to offer customers an interactive menu
€ Centralized control to coordinate messages when installing multiple screens, even in different locations
€ Allows sending messages in different media formats - video, slide show, pictures with background music
€ Customizing the images broadcast by multiple graphics options, even animated
€ Direct communication between digital menus and prices and delivering real-time bill

Bars , nightclubs and cafes are some of the most attractive and dynamic consumer segments, people who focus on image, style, ambience and interaction. ESD DIGITAL provides promotion methods and also messages that can be programmed to communicate events and loyalty programs.
Some of the benefits of digital signage in the field:
€ Communication with customers through direct and interactive dynamic messages or images
€ Create an interactive hub for social media
€ Release of news or updates in the areas of consumer interest
€ Transmit images or video presentation of certain menus, promotions or loyalty programs
€ Issue orders and expense report directly from digital screen