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Hospitals, medical clinics or health care facilities quickly discover that digital signage solutions can revolutionize the communication with medical staff and patients.

The advantages are clear: communication solutions such as digital signage is dynamic, interactive, flexible and transparent.

The content of digital displays can be modified or adapted in real time, it is one of the most effective methods of communication, information and education of patients.

Lack of information in medical facilities is not a problem but the challenge is how information is transmitted and used. Combining a visual environment with an effective transmission of existing data can be used both to reduce operational costs and to increase efficiency and quality of medical services.

Relevant information can come from a combination of databases, including appointments of various facilities or monitoring systems as well as information on patients. Handling and interpreting information by a number of individuals, before delivery, increases the risk of inconsistency and delays and errors. Solutions such as digital signage, alone, can not solve these problems.

But making a direct connection between source and display by specialized software, the correct information can be communicated to those concerned, in real time and in a clear and concise format.

Some examples of how the health system can use solutions such as digital signage, as provided by ESD DIGITAL ar fi:

- Education
- Information
- Entertainment
- Brand Strengthening
- Alert Messages
- Directional
- Restaurant menu
- Comunication
- Promotion