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Educational institutions tend TO focus increasingly more in the application of technology in teaching system to increase the impact of education among pupils or students.

Digital signage solutions offered by ESD DIGITAL allow schools to capture the attention of audiences with relevant and interactive messages and content.

Regardless of the number of digital displays installed ESD DIGITAL provides an easy way to information and interaction with pupils, students and teachers at right time to the right audience.

Installed in different areas of the school or university, digital display solutions can bring the following benefits:

  • Replacement plates writing, projectors or computers in the classroom with a single display that meets all the functionality needed.
  • The broadcasting of pictures or posters containing relevant information for students - timetables, schedules, tests and details of projects
  • Operating the content to access video, audio or internet
  • Sending information messages in hallways and common areas
  • Internal dissemination of teaching staff
  • Placing the interactive map or directional orientation of pupils or students to classrooms or other facilities
  • Social Value Messages communication: social responsibility, social education, etc.
  • Generate additional revenue by placing articles, posters or commercials.