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Today, more than ever, companies understand the power of digital systems Signage. These facilitate improved internal communications, while allowing a considerable reduction in costs compared with e-mail, intranet, bulletin board panels or printed communications.

Communicate more
Digital signage solutions can achieve a variety of company objectives, whether we talk about disseminationg information, time optimization, brand perception optimisation, allowing you to:
• Motivated employees - motivational messages broadcast graphics production / sales and management decisions;
• increase the involvement of employees - recognizing outstanding performance and information about internal events;
• ADisplay the status of availability in meeting rooms
• Urgent alerting messages - intermittent display via a single click of alarm messages throughout the building;
• Optimize staff training - viewing of videos for training sessions or working briefings;
• Greet customers - spreading the greeting in receptions and secretariats;
• Inform clients - display information on products / services, promotions, news, testimonials, performance targets, mission, values, projects completed;

ESD DIGITAL solutions provided are characterized mainly by optimizing the related costs. It turned out that the benefits are speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of activities compared to existing alternatives, considering:
• Design - visibly reduces the cost of replacing printed material, increasing awareness of messages;
• Logistics - these solutions can be used for virtually distribute content in any location;
• Efficiency - the functioning of the systems implemented by ESD DIGITAL is very simple, enabling fast and efficient distribution of messages.

Interactivity is another important feature that can be used in digital signage solutions, improving customer experience and receiving at the same time real time feed-back.
This feature can be facilitated using active displays with touch-screen functions and interactive applications.

Some of the interactive solutions can:
• Allow users personal interaction function
• Get valuable information - encourages consumers to leave their contact information and impressions
• Facilitate direction - help visitors find and easy locate their interest points
• Maximize messages impact - effective target area and targeted individuals