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Digital signage for Sports and Entertainment

It is essential that sports arenas offer consumers more than a place in the stands, whether it's a sporting event, artistic or community. Considering the demographic variety of people who attend such events, their organizers are challenged to communicate constantly to targeted relevant potential customers, about sponsors and about the facility. The ability to display the information in this manner is key to optimal digital signage solutions and is responsible for creating, scheduling and distributing content in a flexible and easy way.

Elements considered in the implementation of solutions such as digital signage

Location of digital displays - they can be positioned according to the natural flow of visitors, such as:
• Parking
• Access roads
• Lobby
• Areas for fans
• Food-court
• Platforms
• Dressing rooms

Targeted content - ability to display appropriate messages to a specific segment of individuals can be a very powerful tool for marketing, a complete solution with the ability to track activity and audience, to interact with the messages and specific information.

The emergency announcements - Visitors and staff safety is a priority facility for any event organizer. The solutions offered by ESD Digital can display flashes and centralized security and emergency announcements, visible in all relevant locations and can be correlated with other existing security and emergency systems.

Revenue Generator - digital display solutions can generate additional revenues:
• Promotions in the food court, including the digital menus
• Promotions in-house, tickets, contests, loyalty cards, and upcoming events
• Strengthening brand
• Selling advertising space