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Interactive Board

About the range
Today, corporations, educational institutions and government institutions need quick communication, efficiency, optimization of the structure of internal and external communication.
E-boards offered by ESD Digital respond to large number of requirements: surface sensitive product with touch features, with content that can be drawn or can be handwritten or typed, and results can be saved and sent by e-mail; can connect to Skype for video conferencing and are helpful in projects or companies trainings. The products are distinguished by ease of use, they are flexible, complete and include a wide range of operating options.

Education: schools, universities, and other educational institutions of environment
Corporate: provide conference rooms or meeting rooms with interactive board

Other areas: in the field of sports you create tactical strategies, training plans; institutions can plan on managing crisis situations where products may have a major role in the video case studies, etc.

It is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. It can be integrated with specific applications in education and beyond. They licenses as options for students and teachers, which facilitates items such as log-in, presence, interactive work remotely by connecting to tablets or phones.